Westbury Will Bloom



“There’ll be fun and laughter and flowers ever after - tomorrow, just you wait and see…..”

The Westbury on Trym Society flower team is making sure that everyone can look forward to seeing a riot of colour in and around the village again this summer.

 Last year, due to the Covid lockdown early in the season, the Society was unable to carry out its usual house to house flower funds appeal to residents and Blaise Nursery’s plans for planting in time for the July to October blooms, were curtailed. So that by the end of the summer, there were just a few remnants of the spring flowers, left alone trying their best to cheer us along.

“This year, as a special thank you to all our Westbury businesses, who usually contribute to their own hanging basket costs or provide sponsorships for some of the pots around the War Memorial, we are raiding our funds to provide all the baskets as well as the flowers in street containers”. 

On behalf of all Westbury’s residents we want to show everyone’s appreciation of all the hard work put in by those traders who have kept us supplied with food and other essentials during this difficult year and being so welcoming and obliging to shoppers. We are also conscious of the problems faced by owners of businesses not allowed to function during the lockdowns and their consequent frustrations. So, we are thanking them too for their patience and hope to see them all doing well once more, after April’s complete retail opening. This provides an opportunity too, to thank them all for putting out the Christmas trees and making special efforts with sparkling windows to light up the village this winter, which made everyone feel much happier!

The cost of all the pots and troughs alone, for both winter/spring and summer/autumn plantings, runs into thousands of pounds every year because essential weekly watering is included in the price - this doesn’t happen by magic -it comes in the form of two men and a bowser from Blaise nursery very early in the mornings! Without this regular service we could not possibly keep the flowers alive and flourishing; our appreciation extends therefore to Rod Pooley and his team at Blaise nursery too, for their commitment to Westbury on Trym.

“We also planted 3000 daffodil bulbs in Canford Park before Christmas and shall be needing to put in some widespread legwork in April and May, to replenish our Flower Fund for next year’s displays of all kinds. 

If you would like to help, either delivering appeal envelopes or doing some ‘gardening’ later on in the Park, we shall be more than happy to sign you up via our Contact form.

(we are insured for outdoor jobs). 

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