Planning History Whytes Close

Whytes Close

Construction of a Detached Dwelling House (Application Refused, June 2019 and an Appeal against Refusal was Dismissed in December 2019)
This latest Planning Application (19/01762/F) seeks permission to build a single detached dwelling in the existing garden of 1 Whytes Close. This follows a recently-withdrawn Application (18/06671/F) to build a pair of semi-detached houses on the same plot.
Within the applicant's Arboricultural Report, it is acknowledged that several trees were removed prior to submitting the previous application and, therefore, these trees should be considered as part of this latest application, in accordance with BCC's planning policy.
Closing Date for the receipt of comments by BCC's Planners is 22 May 2019 and the "Determination Deadline" is 7 June 2019.
UPDATE! (3 June 2019) Planning Permission was Refused on 3 June 2019. However, the Applicant has six months to lodge an Appeal against the decision. Full details for the refusal are given in the Planning Officer's Report, which is included in the "Documents" section of the Application.
UPDATE! (9 August 2019) the Developer initiated an Appeal on 7 August 2019 The final date for receipt of comments from "interested parties" is 11 September 2019.
UPDATE! (13 December 2019) The Appeal against Refusal was Dismissed by the Planning Inspector on 9 December 2019.