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Westbury Community Plan

The Westbury-on-Trym Society is pleased to confirm that a revised Westbury Conservation Area has recently been formally adopted by Bristol City Council. A link to the document (a 6.6MB pdf) is available via the BCC website - at the bottom of the list under "Adopted Character Appraisals".

The document and boundary extensions were formally adopted at the end of July 2015 and now forms a material consideration in planning decisions. The revised Conservation Area supersedes the previous Conservation Area that was established in 1972. Both versions are displayed in the panel on the right and larger pdf versions of both maps are also available via these links: 1972 map, 2015 map.

Back in early 2013, The Westbury-on-Trym Society was instrumental in establishing a "Community Plan" for Westbury Village and its environs. Ultimately, WotSoc would wish to pursue the compilation of a Character Assessment and Community Plan for the whole of the Westbury Ward. The first phase of this exercise was to review the 40 year old Westbury Conservation Area by  undertaking a "Character Assessment" exercise, with the support of the Council's Urban Design & Conservation Team.

A "Mapping Event", to support the Character Assessment, was completed in May 2013, with the help of WotSoc Members and other interested parties.  This culminated in the production of the document "Our Place: Westbury-on-Trym" which is available to view (as a pdf) through the Council's website.

This "Our Place" document was taken forward as the conservation area character appraisal but it can also be used to underpin community design statements, or neighbourhood initiatives.  Perhaps more importantly, as the document conforms to the emerging Development Management Policy on Local Character and Distinctiveness, it can also be used to inform and respond to planning proposals that potentially impact upon the character of the area.

The Council's Urban Design & Conservation Team used the "Our Place" document as the starting point for their review of the 1972    Conservation Area boundaries. Their draft "Conservation Area Character Appraisal and Boundary Review" was the subject of a     Public Consultation that closed on 30 April 2014.

The Urban Design & Conservation Team have developed a really useful tool for researching historic maps and photographs of Bristol, its districts and villages called Know Your Place. Take a look - it is really simple to navigate and you can even make your own contributions! This link will help guide you around the Know Your Place website.