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Red Maids' School

Application for the Expansion of Facilities at Red Maids' School (Application Withdrawn, July 2018)
This latest Application (18/01911/F) is for the erection of a modular classroom building to provide music and art space and follows a previous application (16/06846/F) that was Refused (April 2017) and the Appeal against Refusal was subsequently Dismissed by the Planning Inspector (February 2018).
Closing date for the receipt of comments by BCC's Planners is 13 June 2018, with a "Determination Deadline" of 22 June 2018.
UPDATE! (6 July 2018) Application Withdrawn, 5 July 2018

Expansion of Facilities at Red Maids' School (Application Refused April 2017 and Appeal Dismissed February 2018)
Many residents will be aware that Redland High and Red Maids' are to combine their schools on to the Westbury (Red Maids') site during 2017. Last year local residents were advised by Redland High that over 400 pupils will move up to the main site in Westbury next September. This will mean that the total number of pupils at the Red Maids' site will be well in excess of 1000. In advance of the move, Red Maids' school have submitted a Planning Application (16/06846/F) - "Erection of modular classroom building to provide music and art space, shared between Senior and Junior School, together with external works to provide footpath links". This modular classroom is currently located on the Redland High site.
UPDATE! (5 April 2017) The Application has been Refused. However, the Applicant has 6 months in which to lodge an Appeal against the decision.
UPDATE! (1 December 2017), with just one day to go before the expiration of the Appeal deadline, the Applicant lodged an Appeal on 4 November 2017: APP/Z0116/W/17/3185901 The final date for receipt of comments from "interested parties" is 4 January 2018. Full details of the Appeal, including the Applicant's 83-page "Appeal Statement" can be viewed under the "Documents" section of the original Planning Application.
UPDATE! (22 February 2018), The Appeal against Refusal was was Dismissed by the Planning Inspector on 22 February 2018.