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Clean Air Zone

The Final Business Case for Bristol’s clean air zone has  been submitted to government by Mayor Rees. 
This issue has gone back and forth for several years with many different plans proposed and withdrawn.  This latest one is for a “Small CAZ D”, which means a zone around the city centre that older vehicles will be charged to enter.  The basic facts are:

  • The likely charge is £9 per day for private cars
  • For diesel cars, you would pay if your car meets Euro 5 or earlier standards (roughly built before 2015)  - newer cars would be exempt
  • For petrol cars you would pay for Euro 3 or earlier (roughly pre-2006)
  • There would be some exemptions for hospital visits and low earners who need to work in town

You can see more detail at
As planned the zone extends up Portway and Bridge Valley Road which means a much longer journey to get from here to South Bristol.  We are very concerned about the impact this would have on businesses and workers and we are taking a motion to Council asking the Mayor to work with government to remove this section from the zone.

99 Devonshire Road
Planning permission has been granted for the application submitted in December 2020, requesting some alterations to the original agreed plans.  Following so many objections and requests from residents that the Council serve a completion notice for this development, the officers report states that ‘if the applicant fails to complete the development as set out in the statement they have submitted, the Council will take the appropriate enforcement action’.  Hopefully this will not be necessary and work will have started by the time you read this.

Improvements to Taxi Services

A consultation is underway asking for feedback on proposed improvements to the taxi service for our City.  This includes mandatory card payment, amendments regarding English language skills and changes to the Fit and Proper Person Policy. If you would like to take part in the consultation which finishes on 21 March, it can be found at the following link:-

Pothole Funding

The West of England Combined Authority has been awarded £7m funding to deal with potholes and Bristol City Council is due to receive £2.1m of this.  If you are aware of any potholes as you travel around Bristol, please either report them online at FixMyStreet, or email your Councillors to get ones in our Ward added to the list of repairs.

Budget and Council Tax

The Mayor’s budget proposals recommending a 5% Council Tax increase, including 3% for adult social care, were approved by one vote at February’s full Council meeting. Major concerns were raised and we voted with all other opposition councillors to oppose it.

Council Financial Disasters

The Bristol Energy disaster appears to have cost the Council at least £50m over its 5 years in existence. The Council’s auditors criticised the lack of “informed decision taking” and called for urgent action to prevent a repeat; Councillors from all political parties agreed with this. We still don’t know the final cost.

We already know that there is a significant overspend on refurbishment of the Bristol Beacon (the former Colston Hall) but we are still waiting to find out how much.  (It was due to come to Cabinet on 25 February but was withdrawn at the very last minute).  This could be at least another £50m lost to Council tax payers.

Covid 19

The progress with vaccination has been fantastic. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers at Henleaze Library who quickly set up the surge testing in BS9 4 and to the many residents who responded to the request to be tested.  The surge testing programme tested thousands of people over a fortnight, and thankfully no new cases of the new Variant of Concern were detected.  Case numbers in Bristol continue to fall fast, so please stick to the rules as they are loosened to keep them under control.

Community Zoom Meetings

We have been holding zoom meetings since the start of the first lockdown to provide an opportunity for people to hear from us about what is going on locally, and more importantly for us to hear from you about your concerns, and answer your questions.  We are planning one more of these before the May elections, and that will be on the 6th April.  The meeting will start at 7pm and they tend to last for 45 minutes to an hour.


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