Society Activities

The Society embraces a wide range of activities,
 which are summarised below:

We maintain a critical eye on development plans, specific Planning Applications and proposed changes of use (e.g. retail to services) and respond to the Local Planning Authority (LPA) if we feel that the proposals have an impact on the community. We are recognised by the LPA as a local planning group such that we are involved in pre-application discussions with potential developers.

Caring for Westbury's historic environment and amenities. This is partly achieved through our Planning activities but we also actively manage parts of the environment such as the Packhorse Garden, through the kind help of volunteers with weeding, clearing etc. We also act where we believe that some form of interest group is needed such as Friends of Canford Park

Providing seasonal floral displays through 'Westbury-in-Bloom' and tree planting. The Society collects sponsorship, public and other funds for the floral displays in the Village. We co-ordinate planting and, again through the good will of volunteers, clear tubs ready for replanting. We are particularly proud that Westbury consistently won Britain in Bloom prizes in various categories over the years.

Organising topical talks on such diverse topics as food, gardening, history, art, music and travel. We also organise special events from time to time, for example in 2010 a very successful 'Trading Local' event was held in Westbury. For more information, please click on the Events Page.

Local businesses and markets, other groups, village hall events and school projects. Working with the local Neighbourhood Partnership (although this has morphed into something completely different as a result of BCC's draconian budget cuts) and other local and city organisations (for example Sustainable Westbury, the Neighbourhood Planning Network, Bristol Civic Society, Westbury Library Group).