Response to Planning Application for 15 Westfield Road

8 Southdown Road
Westbury on Trym
8 December 2021

Dear Mr Wilkinson

Planning Application 21/05310/F: 15 Westfield Road- amended plans

The Society has now considered the amended application and whilst it is an improvement on the original submission, it is still unacceptable and the original objections of the Society still stand.

The overdevelopment is still evident by the shallow depth of plots 1 and 2 and the close planting of trees, designed to overcome the requirement to replant at a greater density to avoid planning obligation payments to the council. For example, the proposed pear tree on plot 1 is only 3 metres from the silver birch, so will quickly be suppressed by the silver birch. The silver birch will be barely 6 metres from the house, so the owner will not want this to grow to a mature size (they grow to 30 metres). In plot 4, which has a reasonable sized garden, the overplanting is demonstrated by five trees to be planted within a row of only 12 metres, including the lovely alnus cordata (Italian alder), silver birch and field maple. The density of tree planting is such that the trees will not be able to thrive. On the other hand, the weeping willow, which has such an impact on the street scene will still be lost.

Despite the reduction in numbers, the house now on plot 4 will still create the tunnelling effect on the lane between it and Llewellyn Court, previously referred to. We note that the Norway maple T16 will be retained, which we support.

The elevations have improved over the original but the massing with the huge amount of roof evident in the street scene as a result of the low eaves level is still unacceptable. The design should not use comparisons with Kingsley House adjoining to justify itself. Kingsley House is exceedingly dull with its long unbroken expanse of roof. The current application needs to satisfy current design policy and given the context, we do not believe that it satisfies the requirements of policy DM 27, in respect of height, scale and massing and landscape design and in respect of DM29 it does not comply with item x – in respect of appropriate scale and proportion.

Yours sincerely
A C Renshaw MRTPI
For the Westbury on Trym Society