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 Westbury Heritage Trail Leaflet

The local Neighbourhood Partnership was successful recently in securing funding to research, design and print a leaflet which details a Heritage Walk around Westbury that was sponsored by the Westbury Business Association (WOTBA).
A pdf copy of the leaflet can be downloaded via this link: WoT Heritage Trail (for the technically-minded, the leaflet itself is double-side printed on A3 and folded to 'DL').
Hard copies of the leaflet are available (free of charge) from both Westbury and Henleaze libraries, Stoke Bishop Village Hall and other shops and businesses in the local area.

 "Old Westbury" Photographs

 The Society has recently received a set of digitised photographs depicting "old" Westbury in the 1930s and also Westbury "personalities" from the 1920s and 1970s. The details accompanying all the pictures are somewhat limited but have been included in the captions to the pictures.